Making the Web a Better Place


CodeStudio is and advertising agency focused on providing cost effective solutions for small businesses in South Florida. Advertising Methods include online channels like web design, search engine and social media marketing, and traditional methods like printed media, trade shows and networking events, but always using support of the latest technologies available.

CodeStudios┬┤ success will be based on the effectiveness of the service provided, which will be catered to specific business needs. The company will focus on reducing production time and costs with the use of open source technologies. Customers will receive outstanding customer service, through a platform that will allow each and every customer to feel involved with the progression of their project.

Our Mission as a company is to provide effective and efficient online multimedia marketing services for our clients, while being the pioneers in innovation for their marketing, promotional, and advertising strategies for the South Florida business and entrepreneurial community. Also our company will provide a professional and well-funded enviroment where will be able to accomodate our employees for the purpose of working in creative marketing strategies and products. Regarding Our long-term mission, we will strive to grow nationwide as a reliable responsible company by building a good reputation accomplished by the success of our products, making us a profitable and succesful company offering our porducts and services to the rest of the country.

Our Vision long-term is to be able to have the credibility and reputation to succed and thrive within our market, allowing to expand our operations and locations within major Business and Tech Hub in the United States (New York, California). Also we will strive to succed outside our borders as long we have the maturity and track-record of success as a firm with established clients and business throughout the United States.